Personal Stories: Consuelo

Her gaze was full of sadness. She could not even present herself without bowing her head and having her eyes fill with tears, unable to utter a single word.

After a big hug and asking how she felt, Consuelo’s face and eyes reflected that a hug and feeling protected even for a second was what she needed.

Over the course of her week with Lucy  in the Andes, Consuelo opened her heart and claimed that the reason for her sadness was the death of the woman she adored, to whom she entrusted her things and who advised her. She had lost her mother three months ago.

Since losing her mother, Consuelo was not interested in anything in her life. She stopped studying to help her father, who has trouble walking, work in agriculture. Consuelo had lost her desire to live, did not believe in joy any longer, and only wanted to go with her mother.

Through this workshop we managed to get Consuelo to feel a little safer and to change that sadness at times for smiles. She began to understand that although the emptiness and pain were immense, she has a lifetime to fight and get ahead in honor of the memory of her mother.

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