Personal Stories: Eva

Eva comes from the community of Pigua Quindigua. She is 25 years old and is very close to finishing high school.

She currently lives in Angamarca, and holds the position of assistant secretary in the Parish GAD.  Eva’s desire is to enter into the politics of her parish and become President.

Eva decided to leave school after her daughter was born, who is now 4 years old. Her husband always encouraged her to continue her studies, but she she was afraid to continue.  Once Eva became the secretary in the GAD of Angamarca, she realized the need and the fundamental role that education plays.  Therefore she decided to return to school in Pujulí on Saturdays so that she could complete her studies  without neglecting her obligations as a wife, mother and political leader.   Eva demonstrates that the women of Angamarca can juggle various roles that allow them to grow and get ahead in their lives.

During the “Women Who Inspire” seminar, Eva showed clearly that she is an inspirational woman. She was a great role model to her fellow participants, showing how it is possible to overcome challenges and fight for their dreams.  Eva was always encouraging others to see the capabilities that each of them possess.  She helped  them realize that they, and their daughters could be women empowered and determined to change their future.  Further, as empowered women, she showed them the value they could add value by being active in the public offices of their communities.

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