Personal Stories: Ines

Inés lives in the community of Pigua Quindigua, is 22 years old, and has only one year left to finish school. She studies only on weekends, from Monday to Friday she works in agriculture to obtain money to pay for her studies.

She lives with her parents, her house is very humble, it is made up of 2 pieces, one of them is destined for the kitchen and the other for bedroom.

She had a daughter when she was 18 and her daughter’s father did not want to recognize her. That’s why Ines struggles to finish her studies and thus have a better future for her and her daughter.

When Ines got pregnant, she was very sad because she thought her dreams were over and she stopped studying for more than a year. However, she decided that the best measure she could take was to make the effort that was necessary to complete her studies and there is little left to achieve it.

During the workshop, when Paul was talking about scholarships and study programs, she was really interested in information about university technologies and careers that she can access at the University of Cotopaxi.

Inés was very attentive and participatory during the course, she always proved from the first day to be a woman with a great desire to improve herself.

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