Personal Stories: Janeth

Janeth lives in the Shuyo Grande community. She is 25 years old and has completed only primary education. Janeth has 4 children. She works in agriculture with her husband.

Janeth’s eldest son is 9 years old and suffers from a physical disability making him unable to walk. Janeth doesn’t know the exact nature of the problem her child has. She has no possibility to go to a hospital or money for the necessary exams to determine the disease that affects the mobility of her child.

Her child’s situation is something that causes her great worry. She is afraid of having more children, but knew nothing about her contraceptive options.  She shared with us her fear, and thanks to the workshop about contraception, she made the decision to use an implant to avoid having more children. The words of this young woman are proof that Lucy in the Andes helps women see the options they have, they become empowered to make the decisions necessary to improve their lives.

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